Syllabus for M.Com 2nd Semester


Objective: The objective of the course is to acquaint students with the concepts of macro – economics and the macro environment in which a business organization operates. The course would also make the student capable of analysing and understanding the macro-economic policies of the government implemented from time to time and assess their impact on business.
Business Environment: Cultural, social, political, technological, economic and legal environment -scanning – techniques of environmental forecasting – SWOT – Internal environment – their impact on policy formulation.
Economic reforms in India – Liberalization – privatization and globalization – Competitive Strength of Indian industry – Impact of liberalization policy on different sectors – Foreign Investments policy in India. Multi-national corporations – Their participation in India – Their strategies, competitive strengths policies and performance.
Industrial Policies: A brief review of industrial policies since independence, Industrial policy of 1991 and recent developments, Policy on foreign direct investment in Indian industry. Fiscal Policy: Public revenues, public expenditure, public debt, development activities financed by public expenditure, an evaluation of recent fiscal policy of Government of India – Monetary Policy: Demand for and supply of money, Objectives of monetary and credit policy, recent trends – Role of Finance Commission. Integration of World’s economies and its impact on Indian Business.
Money and Capital market: Features and components of Indian Financial system, objectives, features and structure of Money market and capital market, recent developments – Stock Exchanges, Investor Protection and Role of SEBI. Legal Framework: Consumer Protection Act, 1986, Right to Information and Right to Service Acts and its implications for business.

Reference Books:
1. Wheelen, Concepts of Strategic Management and Business Policy, Pearson Education, New Delhi.
2. William Gluck & L R Jauch, Business Policy & Strategic Management, McGraw-Hill., New Delhi.
3. Kazhmi Azhar , Business Policy, TMH
4. Gupta, Liberalisation – Its Impact on Indian Economy, Macmillan.
5. K.V.Sivayya and VBM Das: Indian Industrial Economy, Sultan Chand Publishers, Delhi.
6. Suresh Bedi: Business Environment, Excel, New Delhi.
7. Francis Cherunilam: Business Environment – Text & Cases, Himalayan Publishing House, Mumbai.
8. M. Adhikari: Economic Environment of Business, Sultan Chand & Sons, New Delhi.
9. Prof. Laxmi Narain : Globalization , Liberalization and Privatization of Public Enterprises, Sultan
Chand & Co., New Delhi.
10. Pandey, G.N., Environmental Management, Vikas Publishing House.


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